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About YKCA

Yellowknife Chinese Association is an organization that unites all Chinese communities and their friends in NWT, and we welcome all friends from different ethnicity group who are interested to join the Chinese Association. The purpose of the association is: "Communication, Mutual trusting, Resource sharing, Unity and mutual Assistance, and Common development." YKCA is a non-profit organization and does not participate in any commercial activities or activities for profit.

YKCA Board Member:

President:         Xin Fu

Vice President:Tony Wang,Xiaoyi Yan

Secretary:        Angela Law

Treasurer:         Shirley Zhang

Other Board Members:(ranked in alphabetical order, in no particular order) :

                                Ella Liu,  Fannie Zhong, Jacky Shi, Kitty Lau, Wendy Feng

The mission of the Yellowknife Chinese Association

1. Provide members with an interactive communication and contact platform, to exchange economic and trade information, to pursuit members' career and the adaptability of living in the North;

2. Carry out various networking activities events to enhance mutual friendship within members and the community;

​3. Assist members and Chinese community to overcome challenges and obstacles encountered in workplaceand daily life;

4. Actively support and assist members to communicate with the local government and security measures on the legitimate rights and interests of members;

5. Carry out cultural, economic and trade activities that are beneficial to the local infrastructure and development of Yellowknife;

6. Organize related charity and public welfare activities to support the community.


​Want to participate in the activities of the Yellowknife Chinese Association, please contact us


感谢支持/Thank you

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